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My journey with yoga started nearly 20 years ago and has been such a treasure in finding inner growth, the value of peace, how to infuse everyday life with joy and the creation of a strong body.


Yoga has taught me to how to connect with my body and mind aligned through breath and a series of asanas (postures) and continues to keep me grounded through life. It has been my saving grace through stress, illness, the good and the bad times, helping me heal and has always be a place I can call my own. 


I’ve been very fortunate to have been taught by some of the finest teachers within the yoga world and they have, over the years become good friends and mentors in my life. 


When I teach, I feel an expanse and inner serenity. Being able to share this experience with my students is a gift.  My practice welcomes all levels with a series of postures and movement to strengthen the body and to focus the mind through breathing and mediation techniques. 


My style has been described as 'really lovely teaching, calm, confident and composed with an air of elegance. Jo has a very nourishing and supportive energy’.



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I joined Jo for the first of these classes today and was so pleased. Jo is absolutely lovely. I have done gym work and Pilates in the past but am not at my fittest, and new to yoga. Please others come and join us. I felt inspired, and had a wonderful smoothie from the cafe afterwards. Give Jo a call.


I went to one of Jo's classes and I found her energy so positive and uplifting. I really enjoyed the class. The class had a lovely flow and I would highly recommend her.




Mobile: 07736 452530

Email: jogoff33@hotmail.com

Instagram: @jo.goff


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